Meaning and Video of the mascara trend on TikTok

Meaning and Video of the mascara trend on TikTok ...

TikTok is trending a viral code 'Mascara,' which you'd assume is a beauty related activity, yet that's not the case. Now, even acronyms and slang can grab everyone's attention to the point of becoming viral on it. However, most of the users are confused about this'mascara' code trend.

Read on to find out more about TikTok's newest viral code "mascara."

If you would have followed the majority of TikTok's trends, then you would have surely encountered some popular slang or acronyms. Well, the new viral code "mascara" is something similar. However, many people believe it to be related to beauty.

Mascara is the new popular TikTok code, although it isn't the make-up item that one uses; rather it has a different meaning that's making it a trend on the platform. The mascara hashtag has also been popular.

The popular "mascara" trend has been embraced by users on TikTok. Many are unsure whether or not it is a make-up item mascara. However, it isn't. The one that is becoming viral as a TikTok trend is actually about one's romantic partner.

Users have been referring to their previous or current relationship with their partner in a manner as if they are actually referring to the mascara they used to wear. The trend has encouraged others to try it as well.

A few users were dissatisfied with the TikTok mascara trend. They assumed the users were talking about the actual make-up item mascara. However, the discussion turned out to be different as they discussed their previous or current relationship.

"The one mascara I ever really liked ended up damaging my eyelashes badly, so now I'm scared to try any new ones," said another user, "my mascara had to be let go".

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