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Spanish and Italian police arrest 106 in a mafia sting operation

Spanish and Italian police arrest 106 in a mafia sting operation

On Monday, Spanish and Italian police arrested 106 people for allegedly making millions of euros through online scams. 'The gang laundered money for mafia groups and slashed money' for money,

The majority of the suspected members were Italian and the majority were held on the Spanish Canary Islands of Tenerife, Europol said in a statement.

According to the police in Italy, the suspects tricked their victims, who were mostly Italian, into sending large sums to Spanish bank accounts controlled by the group.

That cash was then laundered through a cryptocurrency or reinvested in other illegal activities such as prostitution, narcotics or arms trafficking.

The group made a total of eight million euros ($12 million) in profits last year, Europol said.

Members of the organisation, often used violence to intimidate victims and extort money from businesses and individuals, penetrated many sectors of Spanish society, including banks and law firms, said the Spanish National Police.

During the operation, Spanish and Italian police froze 118 bank accounts and confiscated 224 credit cards and a marijuana plantation.

In pending the judicial investigation, twenty of the arrested were sent to prison - 18 in Spain and two in Italy, a Spanish police official said.

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