Following the closure of a popular Disneyland attraction, Disneyland visitors do the impossible!

Following the closure of a popular Disneyland attraction, Disneyland visitors do the impossible! ...

Following the closure of a cult attraction, JVTech Disneyland visitors do the impossible!

Published on 01/25/2023 at 07:35

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Fans of Disney parks are willing to do anything to preserve their favorite attractions alive... but also to make money in a somewhat unexpected manner. The evidence, in this astonishing situation that developed following the closing of an attraction in Florida.

Disneyland Paris is a well-known Disney park in Europe, where the park is easily one of the most visited tourist attractions, but it is also well-known to Americans. Disneyland Resort is situated in Anaheim, California, and Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida, where the 30-year-old attraction has just closed.

Splash Mountain is a "log" based on animated scenes from the film Mélodie du Sud, which is yet to be seen by visitors, but which is soon to be reimagined in a completely different version. It is a film produced in the 1960s that was made famous by Disney. It is unclear why the film is now unavailable on the Disney+ platform: it is consistent.

When Disney World closes a show, visitors have a surprised reaction.

The attraction at Disney World remains popular, both for its theme as well as for the sensations it provides. Repeat visitors have known the attraction for 30 years, thus it is associated with a certain nostalgia: this is why it took center stage during its final day of operation.

Nevertheless, unscrupulous visitors have also seen in their last walk in the log the opportunity to make money, or at least attempt. Some of them even took the risk of reclaiming a few centiliters of water from the attraction in a bottle in the hopes of selling it on the internet.

Yes, you read correctly: the attraction's dirty water, sold in a pot or a bottle on eBay, has found a few hundred people. The most surprising thing is that some auctions seem to have found takers... Surprising!

Splash Mountain is in the works and will be back in the future.

We can be surprised by the ability of some individuals to make money on anything and everything. Especially since Splash Mountain will indeed be back after work in the future. It will also benefit from a new theme, that of The Princess and the Frog, at Disneyland Resort in California, for the time being: there is no need to buy a dirty water bottle on eBay.

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