Here are the prices of paid ChatGPT

Here are the prices of paid ChatGPT ...

JVTech Paid ChatGPT: here are the prices of the services.

Published on 01/25/2023 at 06:40

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ChatGPT's popularity shook the internet world, and thus pushed OpenAI to discover a way to monetize its artificial intelligence. And, evidently, the company's teams seem to have discovered it by offering a paid version of the chatbot.

The paid version of ChatGPT is now available.

OpenAI's intention to expand ChatGPT's paid version was first revealed almost two weeks ago. Now, know that their plans have been implemented. 42 dollarsThis is the price you will have to pay every month to take advantage of ChatGPT's "professional" offer.

OpenAI does not intend to prevent free use of the chatbot, even if a new version is released. “We are starting to consider how to monetize ChatGPT (preliminary thinking, nothing official to disclose yet)."

OpenAI was able to define, in consultation with the beta testers, the subscription price after a test period.

Is there a really better Pro version of ChatGPT?

OpenAI isn't targeting casual users who are just enjoying the chatbot, but rather those who are using the application on a daily basis. Among them:Answers without speed limitationsUnlimited messages

A user of this new chatbot has shared a video demonstration of how ChatGPT Pro works on Twitter. In this one, we can in particular see the speed at which the bot replies to a complex question.

OpenAI isn't likely to make anyone happy; $42 for a monthly subscription to a conversational bot is quite expensive. Despite everything, the company's teams are still thinking about a more creative way to monetize their artificial intelligence.

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