Neeva, a Spanish search engine without advertising, spam, or bias, was created by two ex-Googlers

Neeva, a Spanish search engine without advertising, spam, or bias, was created by two ex-Googlers ...

After its success in the United States, a new search engine has been launched in Spain, where it has grown to one million unique users since its inception in 2021. It is named Neeva and it has listed its primary distinguishing features above other search engines.

Neeva makes use of artificial intelligence to provide a unique synthesized answer with sources linked and grouped from the most relevant websites for a given query.

Neeva does not monitor user actions, nor does it serve advertisements, and provides personalized, objective information.

Neeva's model is different from today's, where they "have enriched tech monopolies and advertisers while exploiting the privacy and personal data of the users," according to Europa Press. Who opt for a search strategy "place people first."

Creating a complete experience tailored to your needs, this is a private search engine that allows the users themselves to control the information sources they access. For example, media or e-commerce websites

Google is the primary opponent to defeat, according to Statcounter data. Neeva is a privacy proposal, as is DuckDuckGo.

Neeva's intentions are to be the most efficient search engine that can deliver the greatest amount of results and is the most accurate on the way. Without taking into account other factors that are important today and greatly impact the search results of traditional search engines.

Neeva avoids both advertising and advertisers, eliminates corporate bias, "SEO spam and irrelevant information," they continue, "we are reinventing Internet searches." There is also no monitoring of user activity, and no affiliate links.

Neeva offers a 'freemium' package, which includes a free, private, and ad-free basic service. Other features, such as a password manager, are included in the paid model.

However, beware: there is some fine print. With the free version, you may do 50 monthly searches without ads, while being able to use the same account on a maximum of two devices.

Neeva AI, a service that summarizes data in a single response, allows for the majority of smart features to be extended to Spanish users later, much like ChatGPT.

The app is already available in Spain both in its web version, as well as on Android devices via the Play Store, and Apple, via the App Store.

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