Do Jen and Jizzlord Make a Comeback in an Extraordinary Way?

Do Jen and Jizzlord Make a Comeback in an Extraordinary Way? ...

Emma Moran's 'Extraordinary' series is a superhero comedy series based in the United Kingdom. Jen is an ordinary young lady who has no special ability. However, she discovers Jizzlord, a shape-shifting man who has spent the last few years as a cat. Thus, viewers must be concerned about Jen and Jizzlord's romantic future in 'Extraordinary.'

What Happens Between Jen and Jizzlord?

Jen is the main character in the series 'Extraordinary,' in which actress Máiréad Tyers ('Belfast') plays the stray cat. Jen wants to get a stable job, but no one is willing to hire her because she is powerless.

Jen and Jizzlord learn about Jizzlord's past before he becomes a cat. He later assists Jizzlord in winning a cat contest. Moreover, Jen kisses Jizzlord.

Do Jen and Jizzlord Meet Again?

Jizzlord dives head first into pursuing a romantic relationship with Jen in the season finale. Jen is unsure whether a relationship with Jizzlord would last long due to his mysterious past. However, Luke attempts to woo Jen after seeing Jen with Jizzlord.

Jen abandons Luke and chases after Jizzlord, believing he has transformed into a hero. Fortunately, Jizzlord hears Jen's words and the pair kiss.

Jizzlord and Jen find themselves married and make a good couple. However, Jizzlord's mysterious past and Jen's quest to discover her power might wreak havoc on their relationship.

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