Is Chandra and Naeem from Love Without Borders still married?

Is Chandra and Naeem from Love Without Borders still married? ...

'Love Without Borders' follows five singles who are willing to take their lives and leave everything behind in search of true love abroad. The social experiment is "perfectly matched" by host and relationship expert Arica Angelo.

Chandra and Naeem's Love Without Borders Journey

Naeem Thompson was extremely apprehensive about meeting Chandra, and he hoped everything would go smoothly. She was the best wife he could imagine, and she was the perfect person. During various events, the two became embroiled in conflict over several things.

Chandra felt he went too far with his immature and silly behavior, which became borderline irritating for her. As a result, she chose to uninvite him to her family's Thanksgiving dinner because she thought his dancing was inappropriate.

Enrique reportedly spent the night with Chandra! Chandra discovered via her cousins that Naeem was still using dating apps, which harmed her enormously. He believed this was appropriate since her ex-boyfriend was still alive. Let's find out.

Is Chandra still married to Naeem?

Chandra and Naeem are no longer together. Naeem has returned to his Texas hometown where he continues his excellent work as a psychotherapist and emotional coach. Naeem reportedly said, "What am I doing here?"

Chandra did not reveal much about her heart, but she did realize that she was unsatisfied with the relationship. She told Naeem that he was "nothing" and "just someone she lived with." Chandra also started Chugani's Boutique, a health and wellness company specializing in perfumes.

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