Ava is found guilty of Accused Episode 2, Recap and Ending?

Ava is found guilty of Accused Episode 2, Recap and Ending? ...

The second episode of 'Accused' follows the story of a woman named Ava who finds herself turned into a criminal following her role as a surrogate for another couple. The episode examines a very sensitive topic from Ava's perspective and makes the audience question their own beliefs about the matter. Here's what the episode's conclusion implies for Ava.

Recap of Accused episode 2

Ava is a deaf person, and she is the surrogate mother of Jenny and Max's child. Despite their love, things change when the baby is born and revealed to be deaf. It completely destroys Max's hopes and dreams for his daughter.

Ava, on the other hand, believes that Lucie's choice should be left to her and that her parents should not proceed with the surgery. She takes a drastic step to ensure Lucie's safety by abusing her and planning to find a legal exception that will grant her more rights as her surrogate mother. However, things don't go in her favor and she is confronted by a jury in a case that appears to be quite clear-cut.

Is Ava Found Guilty of Kidnapping Lucie at the End of Episode 2 of Accused?

Ava was not taught to read or write correctly as a deaf child. When she was two, her father walked away, never to see her again. Over the years, Ava struggled to express herself or even show any empathy for her daughter. Eventually, she found Lucie in a similar environment, with a father who didn't want a deaf child, and discovered a new bond.

Ava knew that she did not want Lucie to be the same person she was raised to be. Jenny and Max advised them not to use implants because they felt it was more like mutilation. They were enforcing Lucie to be someone she was not. Ava realized that her lawyer friend had made a similar suggestion.

Ava decided it was better to surrender. She was released for kidnapping and child endangerment, but she remained steadfast in her conviction that she is not guilty of anything. She passes the case on to another lawyer, who is also deaf.

Ava is advised by the jury that they must hear her story in order to appreciate her true motive. They may be tempted to reconsider their previous beliefs about her if she gives them their support.

Ava admits she was shocked to learn that Lucie would be in the same situation as Jenny and Max. Both wanted Lucie to be the person they believed she would be able to have. She believes that giving her cochlear implants should be done with her consent, something that she would have desired for herself if she had the chance.

Jenny and Max realize that Ava was serious about Lucie's best interests, even if she chose a somewhat illegal route to sway them. They decide not to pursue their daughter's implant until they have learned a valuable lesson.

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