Carter Reum: 5 Things You Should Know About Paris Hiltons Husband After Welcoming Their 1st Child

Carter Reum: 5 Things You Should Know About Paris Hiltons Husband After Welcoming Their 1st Child ...

  • Paris Hilton married Carter Reum in November of 2021.
  • They had been open about their IVF journey.
  • The couple announced they had welcomed a baby boy in January of 2023.

Paris Hilton, 41, has officially become a mother! On Thursday, November 11, 2021, the hotel heiress/dj/pop culture icon married 40-year-old Carter Reum in Bel-Air, and on January 24, she announced the arrival of her first son, a son, via surrogate.

Carter has admitted that he loves Paris unconditionally from the very beginning. "Personal Paris is kind, intelligent, driven, authentic, and an amazing woman," she said of Paris' 40th birthday.

Carter Reum: What Is His Role?

Carter and his brother Courtney Reum co-founded M13, a "brand development and investment business" that accelerated businesses at the intersection of consumer goods, technology, and media, according to Medium. At age 25, Carter was "bored with his drinking experience" and co-founded VEEV, a premium spirits company that was purchased by Luxco in 2016. M13 is a venture capital firm that was established in 2016.

Carter and Courtney's father was W. Robert Reum, a well-known business executive who was involved in Chicago's civic affairs and philanthropy. He passed away on February 4, 2017. Despite this, Carter and Courtney penned a touching tribute to him. "He has one rare trait that you can't teach," they said.

Paris Hilton and Carter have been dating since 1997.

Carter and Paris' relationship became public when they were seen kissing and cuddling during a Golden Globes after-party in January 2020. Their romance began quietly a few weeks earlier at the end of 2019. Paris's first serious relationship after she ended her engagement to Chris Zylka in November 2018.

What Was the Connection Between Paris Hilton and Carter in the Reum?

According to E! News, Carter and Paris met through mutual friends who ran in the same circle and hit it off! Paris had been enjoying "me time" before Chris' breakup, but she was finally ready to move on when she met Carter!

Carter Reum Is An Author

Carter is a published author. Along with his brother, Carter co-authored the short story Shortcut Your Startup: Unconventional Trenches to Accelerate Your Success in 2018.

Carter Reum: How Much Money Does He Have?

Carter Reum is valued at over $300 million, having sold his vodka company, VEEV, for more than seven times its revenue, and making a living off of his various business ventures and investments.

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