Todd and Julie Chrisley have had a few phone calls with their family, and they are doing all they can to make it happen (exclusive)

Todd and Julie Chrisley have had a few phone calls with their family, and they are doing all they ca ...

On January 17, Todd Chrisley and his reality star wife, Julie, were sentenced to 12 years in federal prison in Pensacola, Florida, while Julie, 50, was sentenced to 7 years in a jail located in Lexington, Kentucky, which is located within a few hours of their family members' home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Savannah, 25, is currently the guardian to her younger brother, Grayson, 16, while Todd's parents are locked up. Nanny Faye, Todd's 77-year-old mother, according to a source in November 2022.

Todd and Julie, who have appealed their conviction in hopes of getting their conviction overturned, are doing the best they can, according to a source, adding, "Julie is much easier to visit than Todd due to the distance between them." Nevertheless, HollywoodLife has acquired handbooks from each of their prisons, which state strict limits on how long Todd and Julie may spend together and see their relatives.

Todd and Julie's prisons are fully recorded and monitored — regardless of who they are talking to. TRUFONE is a more stringent regulation when it comes to phone usage.

Todd's prison in Lexington and Pensacola accept visitors, but the procedures vary somewhat when it comes to visiting. The visitors must be members of immediate family or others, according to the handbook. Visitors must be assigned to the inmate's assigned Correctional Counselor.

Julie has a significant advantage because she can have all of her kids visit at the same time, according to the handbook.

The Department of Justice released a statement detailing Todd and Julie's charges on November 21, 2022. "The money was used to buy luxury automobiles, designer clothing, real estate, and travel."

HollywoodLife has reached out to a representative for the Chrisley family, who has yet to respond.

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