Everything You Need to Know About Tristan Thompson's Three Siblings, Including Amari

Everything You Need to Know About Tristan Thompson's Three Siblings, Including Amari ...

  • Tristan Thompson is a basketball player who is known for playing for the Chicago Bulls.
  • Aside from his work, he is also known for his off-and-on relationship with Khloe Kardashian.
  • On Jan. 6, 2023, Tristan’s mother, Andrea Thompson, died in Toronto.

Tristan Thompson, 31, is well-known in the NBA for shooting hoops and his long-awaited relationship with Khloe Kardashian, 38, but there's more to the 31-year-old's siblings than meets the eye. Khloe posted a photo on Instagram on January 23, 2023, expressing her sorrow and yelling 'who does that!!' because the whole nation is weary of your loss.

Amari Thompson is a professional tennis player.

Tristan was born on March 13, 1991, to his mother Andrea and father Trevor Thompson. Along with the pro basketball player, the couple welcomed three more children, including his youngest sister, Amari, 16, according to The Sun. In 2014, the athlete founded The Amari Thompson Foundation to honor his older brother and show his support for others who are dealing with the illness.

Tristan and Andrea posted a video on YouTube explaining their reasons for starting the Amari Thompson Foundation for epilepsy awareness on behalf of their brother. “Watch the video for more info,” Tristan said in Aug. 2014.

Tristan revealed how Amari inspires him in an interview with NBC Sports in March 2022. "Most 16-year-olds can enjoy life and have the freedom and freedom to explore things with their peers." He concluded that Amari is a major motivator in his life.

Dishawn Thompson is a professional soccer player.

According to In Touch Weekly, Tristan is a big brother to Dishawn Thompson, 28. Dishawn was once an aspiring ball player, and Khloe's ex took to Instagram in September 2012 to record a throwback picture (see above) of him and Dishawn. #pause.

During a 2016 interview with his former team, The Cavaliers, the former Pacers player revealed that he is the big daddy with all of his siblings. 'I'm going to shoot them a text, because I know what their weaknesses are.'

Daniel Thompson is a well-known actor.

Daniel, Tristan's older brother, is a 19-year-old basketball player who was recognized by the Cavaliers for the U-11 Championship in 2015. The teen also competed in the U-11 Championship back in Canada in May 2014, with his mom and all three of his brothers, and the Cavaliers' appreciation for it.

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