Everything You Need To Know About Brendon Uries' Wife The Singers' Sarah Were Not Involved In His Exorcism

Everything You Need To Know About Brendon Uries' Wife The Singers' Sarah Were Not Involved In His Ex ...

  • Brendon Urie is best known as the lead singer of Panic! at the Disco.
  • He has been married to his wife Sarah since 2013.
  • Brendon reportedly previously had relationships with Audrey Kitching and Fabiola Gatti.
  • Brendon recently announced he and Sarah are expecting their first child and he is ending Panic! at the Disco to focus on family.

Brendon Urie, 35, and his wife Sarah Urie, 35, have been married since 2013, and are not taking their lives to the next level by expecting their first child. The singer announced the news on his band, Panic!, on January 24 and will focus on his future role as a father.

Below, learn more about Brendon's and Sarah's romance.

Before meeting Brendon, Sarah was a fan of pop-punk.

Hayley Williams, Paramore's lead singer, knew Brendon, Sarah's future husband, and they bonded over their mutual interests.

'I met Paramore in 2006 while on a Warped Tour,' Sarah reportedly said. 'She's just like my sister,' and I love her and her whole family. She's such a compassionate person.'

What were the beginnings of Brendon and Sarah's relationship?

Brendon and Sarah met at a roadtrip in Detroit, Michigan, in 2009. "She was the most amazing creature, the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life," he told 104.1 The Edge. "I was like, freaking out."

After they had a "great time" with each other, he was surprised to learn that Sarah had a boyfriend, so he decided to call it a night.

"I basically told her, 'If you don't leave this bus right now, I'll try to kiss you, and I'm not that guy,' he added, before adding that he told her she "should probably go." They've not seen each other again for "about eight months."

Brendon was introduced to Sarah during a show with Chad Gilbert, her husband of 104.1 The Edge, which she said was "tough." "We both felt something weird, and luckily my old relationship ended and I swooped in all smooth," Brendon said.

When did Brendon and Sarah wed?

Brendon and Sarah wed in 2013, two years after they announced their engagement. They had started dating in 2009, after Hayley reintroduced them and became closer from there. In 2009, Brendon sang the Disco song "Sarah Smiles," which he later wrote about her. She was cast as "Crow Ninja" on the satirical series Good Cops.

Sarah used to date a member of Paramore's band.

Sarah had a long relationship with Jeremy Davis before she became engaged to Brendon. He eventually left Paramore in December 2015, long after their relationship ended.

Sarah is an excellent cook.

Brendon has gushed over Sarah's cooking abilities in the past. "She prepares incredible meals, she's a really good cook," Brendon told 104.1 The Edge. "She's Polish and Irish, so she prepares incredible dishes."

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