Albion Online: A New Server For Asia-Pacific

Albion Online: A New Server For Asia-Pacific ...

Albion Online, Sandbox Interactive's fantasy sandbox game, has announced the launch of a new server, Albion East, for the Asia-Pacific region. This new server offers significantly improved connectivity and optimized event times for players across Asia and Australia.

The game remains free to play on both servers, and the available Founder's Packs include early access to the Albion Ost server's closed beta in February, as well as protection for existing character and guild names, as well as numerous other valuable in-game items, including Gold (the game's premium currency), Premium (the optional subscription), and exclusive limited-time Founder's vanity items.

A new, unreserved version of the game where all players may stand on equal footing and claim their own piece of Albion A game world completely separate and self-contained from the existing "Albion West" server Greatly improved connection speeds and ping for the whole Asia-Pacific region (territory battles, crystal league, faction wars, maintenance times, etc.) Founders receive entitlements to participate in the closed beta before the server launch and they receive early access for existing character and guild names.

Albion Online is now available on PC since July 17, 2017.

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