Sony is now playing this role in the FTC's lawsuit against Microsoft

Sony is now playing this role in the FTC's lawsuit against Microsoft ...

Yes, please highlight recent changes.

Correction: Originally, this article stated that Microsoft was interested in knowing more about Sony's current production capabilities. However, this is a mistake that has occurred on many websites such as due to the use of the term "production" in a court document. We have made every effort to correct this situation and changed both the content and the definition of "subpoena" by Techradar.

Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been in the works for over a year. But the transaction, which is sometimes the largest of its kind in the industry, has been nothing short of smooth for the company behind the Xbox brand. This assumes that the acquisition would give Microsoft an unfair competitive advantage over competing companies, such as Sony.

Microsoft and the subpoena

Sony was confronted with a Microsoft subpoena on January 17, which should have been answered by January 20. According to Techradar, a subpoena is a legal document that requires an individual or entity to appear before a court hearing or produce documents prior to such a hearing.

Despite the fact that Videogameschronicle states that in this case Sony was given an extra week to respond to the request. Further details are currently being discussed with Microsoft. Apparently, Microsoft is looking for an advantage in the FTC's dispute by viewing information. By the end of the week, we should know exactly how Sony will react.

PC games fans are equally adept.

Phil Spencer, Xbox's CEO, speaks out about "painful" but necessary layoffs for the company's "long-term success."

Microsoft, a technology company, has announced that around 10,000 employees would be laid off, as well as the gaming industry.

Call of Duty is available on PS5, Xbox, and PlayStation 5.

After Phil Spencer assured us that Call of Duty would continue to be available on PS5 for years to come, the return of the company to Nintendo consoles was revealed.

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