[] How do I complete all scenes?

[] How do I complete all scenes? ...

The last stage of Day 4 of the Paper Theater challenge for the Traveler is the Spirit Release in Genshin Impact. Once again, become a guide in the adventures of Huan Guang, the main paper actor from the Shadow Theater Performance.

The guide includes a step-by-step guide to the release of the Spirit. Read on to learn how to get through three scenes and get to the key that unlocks the doors and removes the locks from the locked sections.

How to Get Started on Spirit Release

You must: To enter the final stage of the "Paper Theater":

Use the teleportation exit near the Harbor Lee Yueand entrance to the pier to get a glimpse of the fourth act of the Brave Bearded Man's adventures. Speak to the Shadow Theater Manager This is Gunomto view the fourth act of the Brave Bearded Man's adventures.

How to Finish All Scenes in Spirit Release

The act "Brave Bearded Man: Release of the Spirit" introduces viewers and puppeteers to new techniques.

The doors that lead to the final scenes are locked. The paper actor will need a key to unlock them. From some fixed areas of the paper theater you may remove the lock again using the key.

You must: To see the entire scene in this video, use the following command.

Move the upper tier part with the door to the upper tier.

Wait until the paper hero reaches the right place and change direction. Swap the two main floors.

Move the hole section back to the upper tier center as quickly as possible.

Wait for Huan Guang to go to the area with the hole. Move the section to the right side of the second floor.

So, the main actor in the performance will touch the key, and after that he will be free to enter the auditorium.

Follow a series of these steps to complete two scenes:

Move the platform with the key to the left edge of the bottom tier while Huan Guang is on his way around the second floor.

Wait for the paper actor to go in a different direction and return to the area with the mechanism. Once the hole behind it opens, quickly drag the section to the left edge of the top tier. It is important that the hero does not leave her.

Once Brave Bearded Man flies towards the key and grabs it, move the piece to the second floor's center.

The main character will then be safe and sound at the door.

Follow the following instructions to complete stage 3.

Move the paper actor to the upper left corner as soon as he touches the mechanism and proceeds to the free section.

Quickly remove the pressure plate area from the lower tier center. Thus, the Brave bearded man will freely open the hole, which will be needed for future actions.

Wait for Huan Guang to cross over to the platform with the pitcher and key. Immediately remove the hole section from the platform.

Drag the free platform to the top left edge immediately as soon as the hero steps on the hole section. Then immediately place the section with the jug and the key underneath it.

The main character section must be dragged to the second floor.

The free section and the jug section are switched off as soon as the Brave Bearded Man hits the stage's edge.

Nan Feng and Huan Guang will meet in the end.

The Society of Professional Engineers (SPE) has presented an award to Marc Leroy.

The Traveler will receive the following rewards when the Brave Bearded Man completes his adventure safely and sound.

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