Chrome: How to Save Images in Any Format

Chrome: How to Save Images in Any Format ...

We may also use Chrome to save images that we may want to share with others. The problem is that when we send them to someone, they cannot open them because in many cases they are in webp or avif formats. However, other times they end up taking up much more space than they should.

Chrome: How to Save Images in Any Format

The images you are attempting to download in Chrome are coming in WebP format, but do you prefer them to be downloaded as JPEG or PNG? WebP images are smaller than other image formats, so websites use them to make everything happen faster. However, it isn't very practical to store photographs and other content in this format. This article will demonstrate how to save the images in JPG format or another format of your choice.

Google introduced the WebP image format a decade ago, which has become a standard in recent years. Images in this format are smaller and lighter than others, and their superior compression has made it popular recently.

AVIF was first released in 2019, and in several tests conducted by Netflix in 2020, it demonstrated improved compression efficiency, improved detail preservation, and improved color.

WebP images are 25% smaller than other image formats, according to Google Developers documentation. This allows pages to load quicker and boost their search engine rankings.

So, if Chrome stores images as WebP, then most likely the owner of the website is showing them to their visitors in order to speed up the loading time.

Save Image As Type is the best choice among hundreds of extensions available, since it allows you to download images in whatever format you want with the right mouse button. This makes the process quick and efficient.

The extension is now available for download.

Once the application is installed, we can begin using it immediately.

We just need to click on an image we like with the right mouse button, select the Save Image as Type option, and select the desired format.

From this point on, WebP images will no longer be a problem.

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