The Tesla Model 3 is set to be facelifted in 2023!

The Tesla Model 3 is set to be facelifted in 2023! ...

Following the "tradition", the Tesla Model 3 will be available for the sixth year in a row, which usually indicates that it is time for an upgrade (facelift), such as when they manage to take new photos of the 2023 version already equipped with the updates, performing tests on the road.

With pomp and circumstance, there are quite a few manufacturers that will show their intentions for updating their cars.

Nevertheless, it appears that American firm should even present its Model 3 update in 2023 in a very similar manner as it did with its Model S in 2021.

The models' front and rear design may be altered in a subtle way, such as a new enhanced infotainment system or a new battery pack. However, now we have the camouflaged prototype, caught by the most attentive cameras.

The new generation will be released in the third quarter of 2023, according to all appearances.

However, Tesla's announcement might not be exactly what we expected. In the end, everything implies that we'll have much more information about the new Tesla Model 3 Facelift on the first day of March.

The company has decided to publish the following information and strategies for the future, including the establishment of a new 3rd generation platform related to the project Highland.

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