Right now, these 15+ games are available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Right now, these 15+ games are available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S ...

The Microsoft Store has a large number of free games that are difficult to find. These are not just free to play games where in-game content is required, but full-fledged single free games or tech demos. Sometimes these games are free in all regions, sometimes only in certain regions.

Over 15 Xbox games that you may get for free right now (many of which we've already covered). Below are links to these websites in the Microsoft Store that allow you to pick them up for free.


Ikaruga's gameplay focuses on the polarity reversal effect. Only bullets of the opposite polarity can devastate the player's ship. Bullets of the same color are absorbed and converted into special weapons.

Investigations into Space Science

You'll be surprised at how different you're used to doing on Earth. Spend some time flying, flipping, and spinning around the station without the help of gravity. Visit the Microsoft Store.

The Game of Space Jam: A New Legacy

A rogue AI named Al-G Rhythm has ensnared basketball great LeBron James on a Warner Bros. Go to the Microsoft Store.

Beyond the Moon and to the Moon

Everything you do affects the outcome of your eight-part program. However, be aware, events may occur that can affect the outcome. Visit the Microsoft Store.

Too Human

Players take on the role of Baldur, the cybernetic god of the universe, in the midst of a constant conflict that threatens humanity's existence. Visit the Microsoft Store now.

One of the people we know is leaving.

To your amazement, you discover yourself trapped in a dark labyrinth, with three others waiting to join you. Go to the Microsoft Store.

Phantom Dust is a term used in the film.

Phantom Dust is a classic Xbox game that now has full Xbox LIVE support as well as a slew of improvements. Go to the Microsoft Store.

The Way It Is Harmful

Harm's Way is a fast-paced action racing game that focuses on the interaction between drivers and snipers. Help your...

Hexic HD is a term used in the medical industry.

HD (high definition) (one player) Create clusters of tiles of the same color to remove them from the playing field. Sounds simple, right? Visit the Microsoft Store.


Insects are a big problem in the wild.

The interactive video "Insects" demonstrates the best features of 4K Ultra HD capabilities,... Visit the Microsoft Store now.

Island Saver

A group of amazing islands is in need of your assistance! Horrible plastic waste has been washed ashore, and you must deal with it with your trusty trash blaster! Visit the Microsoft Store!

Crash Course on Doritos

Doritos Crash Course is a fast-paced game that allows your avatar to take on a challenge course against friends and family across the LI network... Go to the Microsoft Store...

Crackdown (plus all DLC for free)

The Agency, a law enforcement organization, is in charge of a futuristic dystopian city. Visit the Microsoft Store for more information.

Crackdown 2 (plus all of the DLC for free) is a sequel to Crackdown.

The Aegis Wing is a wingstem within the Aegis family.

Do you want to save the universe from the Araxian invasion? Challenge them solo or recruit up to three friends for an all-out assault on the system. Visit the Microsoft Store.


FINAL FANTASY XV is a 30-year-old tale that takes place before KING'S TALE. An exciting journey through three world-famous regions FINAL F... Go to the Microsoft Store

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