Edge's split-screen feature is being tested by Microsoft

Edge's split-screen feature is being tested by Microsoft ...

In tests, Microsoft Edge's Canary version has a feature that allows you to split tabs in a single instance. The split-screen capability, which was first seen by Leo Varela, is now available via an experimental flag in Edge Canary.

Edge's split-screen feature is being tested by Microsoft.

The flag is still only available inside Edge Canary, despite some people claiming that this feature is available in Edge Dev and Beta. There is however a possibility that the feature may also be available in other Insider channels as part of a controlled release.

If we have several Edge windows open, it is possible to create a separate window. However, the split-screen feature within the browser itself is certainly more elegant.

The fact that Edge has a split screen also means that there is less clutter than having two instances open. That's how at least we don't have the same icons and navigation buttons appearing twice on the screen.

In Edge, Microsoft appears to be focusing on multitasking. The sidebar is an excellent illustration of this.

Microsoft Edge is Windows 11's default browser, but of course it's not the only one. Many people delete Edge from their desktop, then they use Chrome, Firefox, or any other similar program that is available for PC. However, an issue with Windows 11 is causing Edge to reappear on the Windows desktop after the icon is manually removed.

Several people have reported this on Reddit. Even after removing the Edge icon, it remains on the desktop. This regardless of whether or not it is set as the default browser. Some users say the icon popped several times after it was removed.

Despite Microsoft's assertion on the Windows Central website, the issue has nonetheless been confirmed.

Some people assumed that Microsoft would sell this browser that comes with the operating system as a marketing tactic. However, it is a temporary issue.

Despite this being a failure, Microsoft has failed to consider the best avenues to market this browser.

Supposedly, if we are using Edge because we just installed Windows 10 or Windows 11 and we want to look for Chrome, we will receive a series of emails. This indicates that the Google browser operates on the same system as Chrome.

Edge is wonderful, but you can't force it to use all the time, as shown in these Reddit posts. Windows users are fed up with Microsoft shoveling Edge down their throats.

Microsoft has every right to promote Edge, but it must respect the individual preferences of those who want to use another browser.

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