With this Lego replica, you can add a piece of history to your collection

With this Lego replica, you can add a piece of history to your collection ...

With this Lego replica, you can add a piece of history to your collection.

Published on 01/24/2023 at 21:00

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Lego's skill-set has evolved from a simple toy designed for the youngest children to a complex set of toys, and sales are an excellent opportunity to expand your collection of tiny bricks.

Lego sales: The Giza pyramid is a symbol of the city of Lego.

Legos are, above all, a fantastic way to use your imagination and give life to the worlds that surround you. For this, Lego has been able to develop over a period of time a wide range of tools that are intended to be utilized by our children.

Amazon has a deal for the Giza pyramid for 119.99€.

When we are adults and want to remain satiated with a building, we often have a lot less creative energy than when we were young. However, Lego has taken the time to think about you and allow you to create universes that you already know.

If we want to recreate the Giza pyramid or retrace a historical period, the Lego range is expanding more and more.

This Lego model is usually sold for €139.99 on Amazon. This is why the price has been lowered during this sales period. This Lego model is therefore available for purchase for the time being.

Sales of Lego are a lot simpler to construct than at the time.

The pyramid of Giza is therefore a practical way to recreate an environment that was formed around 26 centuries BC. However, it is made of 1476 pieces and thus requires extensive labor to construct it.

This structure is made of two small pyramids, two mortuary temples, a sphinxes' statue, the workers' village, and a section of the Nile with a boat.

This item includes all of the necessary documentation, including a photograph of the system that was used to move the stones at the time of the construction, thus giving you a sense of history to enhance your decoration.

Amazon has a deal for the Giza pyramid for 119.99€.

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