ChatGPT Pro is about to become a reality. 42 per month?

ChatGPT Pro is about to become a reality. 42 per month? ...

The internet is incredibly fond of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, whether it's for creating images, or answering questions, or 'original' text. Well, according to the owner (OpenAI), the service is now available for subscription. It will cost about €42 per month.

Here's the second step of the puzzle, which is the monetization of this type of service.

This is a strange feature that pops up at the exact same time as we discover that both Google and Microsoft (more the first than the second) are clamoring to include ChatGPT capabilities in their services.

As you can imagine, artificial intelligence (AI) requires computational effort, and with increasing numbers of people “trying” this type of service, it is quite normal to see companies planning Pro packages, paid (well paid!) to offer more speed, more power, and, of course, more attractive.

Do you anticipate that the country will be forever free of charge? Get the horse out of the rain.

According to what we know, we'll have shorter response times, greater access, and quicker feature deployment. Something important! Because access time, and time waiting for results, is destroying much of the efficiency that the Artificial Intelligence "train" has developed in recent weeks.

Do you know what can make this 'thing' even more deadly? Force users to pay!

Also, what do you think of all of this? Please comment below and share your opinion.

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