Is Escape From Tarkov on Steam now? No, it's a phony scam

Is Escape From Tarkov on Steam now? No, it's a phony scam ...

The mysterious appearance of Escape From Tarkov on the Valve digital distribution platform has caused a lot of confusion among Steam users today.

It isn't a low-cost video game that uses the same title as the shooter to entice gamers; the product that arrived on Steam in the afternoon is, at least in appearance, the real Escape From Tarkov: the developer marked in the description is Battlestate Games; official screenshots and trailers are included.

Although the appearance suggests that the game is the popular extraction shooter, everything is the result of an elaborate plot to deceive users orchestrated by some malicious individual, who hasn't thought of every single detail. In fact, the creator of this tactic forgot to mention that the game is still in phase Beta (and should therefore be included in the Early Access titles), not counting the ridiculous minimum system requirements which suggest mounting a 1GB video card in order to begin the product.

Escape From Tarkov isn't available on Steam anymore, but it's still available on Steam. It's still there, though, as a result of searches.

Do you know why the official Tarkov Twitch channel was shut down in early 2023?

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