Consumers are using chatbots for four reasons

Consumers are using chatbots for four reasons ...

chatbots Their presence is increasing among users as Siri and Alexa entered the market. Their impact has increased gradually since the introduction of the GPT-chat a few weeks ago.

This free virtual assistant has caused a stir because it is capable of holding conversations and performing language related tasks, including the translation of a text, the creation of a script, and the creation of code language.

Chatbots have been around for longer than they appear, specifically since an MIT professor proposed the ELIZA program, which operated by recognizing keywords. Since then, companies have invested in artificial intelligence, cloud-based programs, and automation in order to enhance customer service.

Accenture Digital has discovered that artificial intelligence (AI) systems, such as chatbots, play an essential role in customer service departments' employee productivity and organizational growth. According to a survey, 57% of companies surveyed believed chatbots would bring them a great return on investment, while 61% of the senior managers of these companies assured that chatbots increase employee performance.

According to Salesforce, 59% of users acknowledge that on certain occasions they prefer to communicate via self-service -chatbot- with businesses because of the speed of the process in minor matters. In this way, Enreach, a European provider specializing in convergent communications solutions, explains why consumers are increasingly choosing this means of communication:

Consumers expect brands to be accessible to them 24 hours a day, which is why companies include chatbots in their customer service system since they are prepared to guide the user based on their needs.

So, the consumer's fear of not being able to contact customer service during Christmas periods, for example, is reduced. Likewise, when the issue or incident requires more effort, these chatbots are able to refer the most competent person to solve it using keywords.

Chatbots are capable of recommending previously indicated products or preference-based services, such as cross-selling and up-selling, which helps users maintain loyalty because they are being offered exactly what they want, with an average customer satisfaction rate of over 88%.

The integration of the chatbot with the company's CRM allows for the collection of consumer information that sales representatives may consult to customize their experience.

Chatbots utilize artificial intelligence to help them to anticipate and respond to customers' needs. This method allows them to anticipate problems before they occur.

Each interaction that is made is of great value to companies, since it gives them a true picture of user needs. Therefore, artificial intelligence will assist chatbots in improving their interactions or in searching terms, leading to a less artificial and more enjoyable communication structure for consumers.

The information collected is useful to create more precise answers, to better understand users' behaviors, or to assess their satisfaction.

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