On Windows 11, File Explorer will have a new header and cloud integration

On Windows 11, File Explorer will have a new header and cloud integration ...

According to a new Windows Central report, Microsoft is working on a new File Explorer version that includes a number of visual improvements and new features. File Explorer will be updated for Windows 11 in order to further modernize the design and enhance its functionality for Microsoft 365 products, such as OneDrive and Office.

Users may expect new features in the File Explorer's header frame, including a new search box, "Home" and "Refresh" buttons, and a new address bar.

The new command bar with the "New" menu and commands for "Cut," "Paste," "Copy," "Rename," "Share," and "Delete" will now be displayed beneath the address bar.

The "Home" page will be enhanced more fully with Microsoft 365 products. This means that you will see recommended files with thumbnails similar to what you will see in the OneDrive and Photos app.

The left navigation page is being reworked with new code, and while it may appear like the current design, there are subtle changes, such as new highlight colors.

The "Details" view will show further files information and a better integration with Microsoft 365 products, as well as email threads and comments from files shared with the user.

Other improvements include enhanced touch screen functionality.

The recent report suggests that Microsoft will utilize this feature to enhance the picture viewing experience, such as the ability to hover over an image to see a larger preview, as well as tags for macOS.

Although recent Windows 11 previews have shown some of these improvements, it's unclear when the new File Explorer will be released. However, the report claims that these improvements might be implemented before the end of the year as part of version 23H2.

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