Recap and Conclusion of Accused Episode 2: Is Ava Found Guilty?

Recap and Conclusion of Accused Episode 2: Is Ava Found Guilty? ...

The second episode of 'Accused' follows the story of a woman named Ava who discovers herself as a criminal following her role as a surrogate for another couple. The episode tackles a very sensitive issue from Ava's perspective and makes the audience reconsider their own opinions on the matter. Here's what the episode's conclusion implies for Ava.

Recap of Accused Episode 2

Ava, a deaf person, is the surrogate mother of Jenny and Max's child. Things change when the baby is born and revealed to be deaf, destroying all of Max's hopes and dreams for his child. They decided to get her cochlear implants at an early age.

Ava, on the other hand, believes that Lucie should not be allowed to proceed with the operation. She takes a bold step in order to protect Lucie. She kidnaps her and plans to exploit a legal loophole that will allow her more rights as her surrogate mother. However, things do not go in her favor and she is confronted by a jury in a case that appears to be quite clear-cut.

Is Ava Found Guilty of Kidnapping Lucie at the End of Episode 2 of Accused?

Ava struggled to express herself and became a skeleton of other children's jokes. When she met Lucie in a similar situation, her father walked away, never to show any sympathy towards her daughter.

Ava knew that she could not allow Lucie to be the person she was meant to be. Jenny and Max advised them not to get implants because it was more like mutilation. They were enforcing Lucie to become someone she was not. She discovered that a surrogate mother ran away with the child to a different state where laws were in her favor.

Ava decided that she would give Lucie back if she could, because she never intended to harm her. Despite this, her lawyer insists that she would not murder Lucie.

Ava is reminded that the jury must hear her story in order to understand why she went to jail. If she explains her real motivation, the jury might reconsider their own prejudices about her till now.

Ava admits she was surprised to learn that Lucie would be in the same situation as Jenny and Max. Both wanted Lucie to be something that she would accept as their child. She believes that giving cochlear implants to Lucie should be done with her consent, which she would have desired for herself if she had the chance.

Jenny and Max realize that Ava only cared about Lucie's best interests, even if she took a rather unorthodox route to nudge their daughter. They promise never to pursue a case against Lucie any longer. They even invite Ava to visit them sometime, confirming that they have forgiven her for kidnapping their daughter and that they have learned a valuable lesson.

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