Recap and Conclusion of Kubo Wont Let Me Be Invisible Episode 3

Recap and Conclusion of Kubo Wont Let Me Be Invisible Episode 3 ...

Nagisa meets Shiraishi-kun's younger brother Seita while playing in the park. Later, Shiraishi drops his student ID card at the store, telling Nagisa's older sister what happened. The following day when Nagisa meets Shiraishi-kun, the duo have an awkward encounter. SPOILERS AHEAD

Recap of Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible Episode 3

Nagisa Kubo and Shiraishi describe their ideal height differences as six inches. Interestingly, the latter is only one inch taller than her. Shiraishi eventually decides to stay the way she is.

Shiraishi has to take his younger brother Seita to the park in order to play in the snow. Nagisa spots the two of them while passing by and becomes introduced to Seita for the first time. Nagisa is kind enough to offer him the bottle. He is unusually quick to reply.

Nagisa says he will just pretend for Seita so that he will not be sad. Later when she asks if he was worried about the indirect kiss, Shiraishi appears embarrassed and runs away after making an excuse. Later that day at his house, Shiraishi remembers the cover of the latest manga that he has been reading.

Shiraishi is a novice reader of the magazine, so he becomes interested and decides that it would be fine to have a brief look. However, the saleswoman cautions him that the magazine is for adults only, and he seems quite young. She kind of accepts that Shiraishi's student ID was lying on the ground.

Nagisa asks if Shiraishi likes big boobs after seeing the ID.

What Does Kubo Plan For Christmas?What Gifts Do Shiraishi and Nagisa Give Each Other?

Akina asks Nagisa if she has any Christmas plans for the following day. It turns out that the latter has not thought of it much yet. She also invites Shiraishki-Kun to meet at the train station next Saturday, which turns out to be Christmas Day.

Shiraishi gets nervous and approaches the station 30 minutes earlier than planned. Fortunately, Nagisa shows no emotion as she apologizes for making him wait. Interestingly, she came to meet him with a present and tells Shiraishi that she wants them to exchange presents. But Nagisa has not informed Shiraishi in advance, so she gives him fifteen minutes to think about what he might buy for Nagisa.

Nagisa appreciates his thoughtfulness and appears to be grateful. Interestingly, Shiraishi is simply glad that she purchased him a yellow t-shirt that has the word "main character."

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