Amber Daniels, Survivor, Where is she now?

Amber Daniels, Survivor, Where is she now? ...

Danny and Kim Daniels, of Santa Claus, Georgia, decided to take care of foster children, and the latter's daughter, Amber Daniels, was overjoyed. She later stated that because their house was always full of children, she never had a dull moment and always made new acquaintances.

'Shattered: Welcome To Santa Claus,' a documentary on Investigation Discovery, chronicles how Danny, Kim, and their two young children were shot in cold blood on December 4, 1997. At the same time, Amber underwent a similar tragic experience. Let's go deeper and discover where Amber is at this point.

Amber Daniels: Who Is She?

Amber Daniels was just ten years old when her mother Kim battled alcohol and drugs. She recovered after meeting Danny and her siblings were allowed to return to their mother. Moreover, she was enthralled when Danny and Kim agreed to take care of foster children because she got to meet, befriend, and play with others her age.

The Daniels welcomed ten-year-old Jo Anna Moseley into their house in 1997, in an attempt to entice her to escape her tense family environment. Both agreed that they would never be separated, and the older mentioned that he always appeared to be a friendly 20-year-old.

Jerry got quite close to Danny's older daughter, Jessica, who he disagreed with. Jerry took matters into his own hands and broke into the Daniels' home on December 4, 1997. He then stole a semi-automatic shotgun from the cabinet, shooting Danny and Kim in their bed.

Jessica and Bryant came down to investigate and were shot down without mercy. Jerry awakened Amber and abducted Kim's third biological daughter, but she followed him to a remote location.

Jerry even coerced the others to see the horrific rape before dropping them off by the roadside in Bacon County, where a farmer alerted the authorities. Amber later revealed what had happened in the vehicle and even picked Jerry out of a photo lineup. Authorities effected a statewide alert for the suspect in Alma, Georgia.

What Has Happened to Amber Daniels?

Amber's statement and identification of Jerry as the perpetrator proved to be helpful to the cops, who may soon apprehend the perpetrator for his involvement in the crime. Additionally, when presented in court, Jerry admitted to four murder charges and several other charges related to kidnapping, child molestation, and burglary.

Amber has embraced privacy since the trial and keeps her private life hidden. She appeared on the Investigation Discovery program and talked about her horrible agony with her parents and siblings. She continues to miss her parents and siblings to this day.

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