Will Laura and Mark end up together in the rookie Feds? Theories

Will Laura and Mark end up together in the rookie Feds? Theories ...

The Rookie: Feds is a police procedural series starring Matthew "Matt" Garza's special investigative unit on ABC's police procedural series "The Rookie: Feds." Because he knows how valuable she is, Laura reunites with her former colleague Mark Atlas on a documentary project.

Will Laura Stensen and Mark Atlas wed be married?

Laura and Mark Atlas formed a bond while working together at the Behavioral Science Unit. Laura left Washington State to join Garza's Unit in Los Angeles, splitting from Mark. They reunite when Mark arrives in the City of Angels to collaborate with the Los Angeles office in the fourth episode of the series. Laura and Mark have sex, which marks the beginning of their casual relationship.

Laura's relationship with Mark is unquestionably casual. She doesn't want to break up with her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her with her best friend. She is not prepared to deal with the details of a romantic relationship for the time being.

Mark has been longing for "more" while Laura invites him out for an intimate dinner. She knows Mark sufficiently to contemplate a future with him, and she would have done the same if she hadn't been traumatized by her ex-boyfriend's actions.

Mark may not desire a committed relationship even if she is open to it. After getting cheated on once, Laura may not prefer her partner being far away, which most likely will prevent her from becoming committed to Mark. Laura appears to be quite content with their current arrangement, and Mark is likely to be disappointed.

Laura may declare that her relationship with Mark will be informal, thus putting an end to it in order to avoid disappointment and suffering. If Mark cannot live with Laura, he may be transferred to the Los Angeles station, which will be quite difficult since the place already has a profiler. But if Mark manages to stay in Los Angeles for the sake of being with Laura, the latter may contemplate pursuing an ending.

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