Recap, Review, and Ending of Season 1 of Represent

Recap, Review, and Ending of Season 1 of Represent ...

The Last Thrill

As episode 6 of Represent begins, Eric goes on air to rub salt into the wounds, stating he would rather Ble than Corinne.

The media repeatedly harasses Ble about his alleged connection with Lamine. This time, Eric manipulates another person for his ulterior motives. This time, the police commissioner rejects Eric's empty promises and initiates a search for Lamine's phone. The cops discover Marion, Lamine, and Mo's hiding places.

Marion and Mo intervene in the building and lock themselves in it. Ble is contacted by Marion and travels to her destination.

Lamine does a Crepe eating demonstration in Normandy with his team, although he dislikes that particular dish. His phone has been discovered and removed.

Marion is concerned for him and blames Ble for the condition. She claims they were meant to protect Lamine and not to let him fall into the lurches as they did. All of Ble's attempts to calm Marion are futile.

Ble manages to stay through all of this but gets a blow when he talks to Marion about their marriage.

Mo and Crozon discover Lamine and have an awkward encounter with local police that they manage to resolve.

Eric's obscenity towards Ble is told by Jerome that all conflicts must be ended at will. They will get him some other time.

Ble appeals to the cops to give him a fair trial. In the morning, he rushed to greet the doorbell only to discover that it was Simon.

Simon encourages Ble to wear his best clothes for the occasion and expresses his convictions with clarity. That in itself is a victory.

Yasmine informs Ble that she was the one who made the leaks before round one on all the opposition. He confronts Crozon but the campaign manager admits that Ble changed his mind with time.

Corinne wins the election. Ble apologizes to his volunteers and is surprised to discover that his parents are returning in a hilarious scene. But when the polls are released, the ground cracks open wide! Ble wins the presidency!

As the disappointed anchor explains, many voters lied about who they voted for.

Ble delivers his first speech as President-elect. The goal is to build a united France, with all races and communities strengthening one another. The plea is to be heard directly into the camera as if he was addressing us with a message.

The structure revealed that the actors were indeed directionless for most sections of the episode. Either that or, as more probable, that they were unable to convincingly establish their central premise to the viewer.

Too much effort eventually spelled out their failure. The show's tonal inconsistencies made it impossible for the finale to satisfy our desire for closure. Things were wrapped just too quickly without planning anything out.

Ble's final address did nothing to much for the record, since its occurrence was too sudden, random, and mismanaged.

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