Under Threat Recap & Review of Represent Season 1 Episode 4

Under Threat Recap & Review of Represent Season 1 Episode 4 ...

Under Pressure

Ble is being taken to the hospital after getting shot in his testicles at the start of Represent episode 4. He will be fine, although this puts his intentions to the test.

Yasmine confronts Crozon on his intentions and funding in an unconvincing manner, unable to conceal his guilt or justify his actions. Eric also arrives to express his sympathy for Ble's condition.

Eric's candidacy has been slashed, and his mission is successful. However, when Crozon approaches him to offer his side of the bargain, the politician abandons him and shows his true, ugly side as a person. Ble can still donate sperm, but the chances are less likely. He talks to Marion about withdrawing from the race and focusing on his family.

Crozon tries to contact Etienne about a job, but is rejected by him as well. Ble continues to give birth as promised, but he is unable to sleep, still thinking about it. He goes to his HQs, where he finds the boys chilling out. Except Lamine.

Ble has reacted angrily to him for letting Lamine go. He has wasted all of their effort by leaving. He has selfishly chosen to think about himself and not the whole community, as he previously professed.

Ble is pondering the situation and then informs Marion that he will continue his arguments the following morning. Marion is hesitant but accepts his decision, as long as he is present for the IVF.

Ble's campaign picks up speed once again as the volunteers go about their jobs in full swing this time. They make every effort to make up for lost time. The voting day is coming to an end. He makes an appearance at the police station, where he pledges for France's security.

Eric is dissatisfied with these developments and contacts Desiree for a second plot, this time to kidnap Lamine for a drug charge.

Lamine misdirects two men who are being sent with narcotics, but they are quickly dismissed. Lofti, one of the men, falls unconscious, and Lamine runs for it. He calls Marion and tells him about the incident, and she never shows up. The nurse tells him that it is either now or never.

Marion texts Ble to a hotel, where she lives with Lamine. She believes that he should give up as it would be the best thing for him. However, Ble feels that he should stand up for the campaign. Lamine also agrees with Ble, but Marion is dissatisfied.

When the news flashes something shocking, Ble's opinion changes. Email conversations have been leaked by a Russian hacker group that have put all of Ble's opponents in the lurch.

All of them, except Corinne, have dropped out, ensuring that Ble advances to round two. The episode closes when the first episode begins, with Ble's name being mentioned on the news.

This program has been completely destroyed by convenient choices. It was so simple for the producers to remove established veterans with one swoop of a malware attack by a Russian hacker group. How could they have done that without a straight face?

Ble leaving and returning within a week's time while still not losing momentum was contrary to any logic. A lot of things in the show and especially this episode were minor errors that were not addressed in the show's narrative.

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