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Grave of the Fireflies is a tribute to Miyazaki on a terrible day, while My Neighbor Totoro is a tribute to him on a horrible day. This anime follows two siblings named Setsuko and Seita who have lost everything from their parents to their home. They travel Japan hoping to meet friendly people who will welcome them. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned.

If you're looking for a similar experience as Grave of the Fireflies, fear not! We've discovered ten alternative shows that will provide you the same experience as Grave of the Fireflies.

A link has been added for every anime we've reviewed, allowing you to see all of our thoughts on the series to see if it's worth your time.

If you haven't yet seen Grave of the Fireflies, here are ten television series that will whet your appetite!

In this part of the world, people gather to chat about what they're doing.

In This Corner of the World is another anime that depicts horrific conflicts in a dark lighthearted manner. It's also a great anime that's easy to relate to.

Despite their flaws, both anime have superb casts that are able to handle their war-like themes in a decent manner. Suzu is a keen businesswoman who leaves Houjou when she is the right age. She finds it difficult to adjust to her husband's household.

Suzu's newfound fortune will be impacted as a result of the war effort. With its amazing drama, historical themes, and engaging characters, In This Corner of the World is an excellent contemporary anime to watch.

Gen. Barefoot

Barefoot Gen is a new genre popular among retro anime fans. This anime explores the horrors of war and has its protagonist face nightmarish situations that will melt their hearts deeply.

Gen. He's a lively kid who lives in Hiroshima. Despite their efforts to maintain resources and support the war effort, Gen and his family are optimistic that the conflict will come to an end. Unfortunately, they'll soon discover that their fate has already been determined when a US atomic bomb explodes, killing everyone in sight.

This film is both heartbreaking and brutal in its dark humor. You'll be devastated by the visuals that appear on screen as people plead for their lives to be unharmed. It's a terrible film that captures the real problems people face during this dark period.

8.0┬░Tokyo Magnitude

This anime is another work that will tug at your heartstrings. Our protagonists are siblings who wish to escape the horrors that have occurred in their own homes. There are many difficult obstacles for our characters to overcome, and there are many scenes that will make you cry.

Mirai, a youngster who wants everything destroyed, is caught up in a magnitude 8.0 earthquake that appears to be able to fulfill Mirai's wishes. They visit Odaiba for a robot exhibit. It is there that the earthquake shakes the Kanto area and destroys everything from the streets and structures.

Mirai and Yuuki meet Mari, who is determined to return them to their families. We watch their bond develop over time and witness the terrible earthquake that occurred there. Check out Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

Compound Two Cell Six's Rainbow is a criminal seven-cell six.

Rainbow: Criminal Seven of Compound Two Cell Six (Rainbow) is a character-driven work at its core. It invokes strong themes of brotherhood and sacrifice. Despite our characters coming from different backgrounds, this anime knows how to build on their bond as they seek escape from prison.

This anime follows six teenagers who have been sent to a different school due to their crimes. They'll learn to connect with a former boxer named Rokurouta, who is their guide. With his guidance, they aim to elude their hopeless situation.

Rainbow also approaches conflict from a mature perspective. In this work, like with Grave of the Fireflies, viewers may expect harsh depictions of war.

Now and Then, Here and There

This anime has created a wonderful fantasy series that loves to mingle with viewers' heads and emotions. It'll leave you reflecting on what you've seen, questioning its purpose and gloomy environments. From its melancholy soundtrack to its well-developed cast, this is an old treasure to see.

Now and Then, Here and There, the protagonist of Setsuko and Seita, feels like a victim in this fantasy world. Despite being an isekai anime, this one has strong depth and drama comparable to those found in Grave of the Fireflies. Although Shuu wishes to instill hope in this land, he will only end up depressed in the long run.

This is an isekai anime that goes against what you know of the genre right now.

Island of Giovanni

Giovanni's Island is a new anime that has horrifying conflicts in it. Unlike Grave of the Fireflies, it slowly prepares its viewers for its heartbreaking material. Instead of bombs falling or guns blazing, it starts off with a bright sky, indicating how happy our characters are living.

Our characters aren't prepared for the consequences that might loom over them in Grave of the Fireflies. They're filled with immense passion and hope, but they'll endure many painful hardships throughout their journey.

While watching Giovanni's Island, you're guaranteed to be engulfed by some incredible drama, suspense, and painful visuals.

Anohana, the Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is a heart-wrenching anime. It's a story about friendship and letting go of the past. It's a lovely narrative worth following from beginning to end.

Jinta chooses to give up his closed-in lifestyle and make peace with his former companions when Menma's ghost reappears. With their assistance, he hopes to assist Menma's ghost ascend into heaven.

Anohana promises to enliven those who have experienced loss or heartbreak and make a spiritual connection with the world. With its rich drama, emotional mood, and stunning visuals, it promises to impress.

Who's Left Behind

Who's Left Behind is a more war-like drama told from a kid's perspective. It's a captivating story that'll make you enthused. Many may wonder if this is a spin-off of Grave of the Fireflies.

Kayoko is a youngster who is cherished for her innocence and lives with her three older brothers and her pregnant mother. The war effort is progressing rapidly at this time, so Kayoko makes subtle contributions to it, but grows weary of it as she matures.

Kayoko Ebina's narrative is based on personal experiences. These are real-life experiences that will resonate with others who have gone through similar hardships.

Wolf Children

Wolf Children is a great family anime, with amazing visuals, fantastic animation, and powerful life messages. Despite feeling more cheerful at times than Grave of the Fireflies, this anime is quick to get serious and realistic. Hana, the protagonist, has a hard time keeping her children entertained and happy with their new lifestyle.

Hana's challenges will strike at your core, while Setsuko and Seita will have a good time.

Wolf Children is a fantastic anime series that focuses on a strong family.

The Bell Is Resonating

Ringing Bell can be both depressing and gruesome. This anime treats the themes of revenge, maturity, and determination in a positive light. Chirin is a lovely protagonist.

Chirin is a young lamb who loves frolicking in the meadow with his mom. One day, Wor murders Chirin's mother in front of other lambs and their offspring. To avenge his mother, Chirin travels to Wor's hideout to earn his living.

Ringing Bell is a mature anime that offers strong violence and an appropriate portrayal of tragedy.

When you've finished watching Grave of the Fireflies, here are 10 anime/TV show alternatives to watch!

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