Tony Yayo Discusses 50 Cent's First Rhyme Ever Written

Tony Yayo Discusses 50 Cent's First Rhyme Ever Written ...

Tony Yayo has given Hip-Hop fans a spin from the past by revealing the first rap from 50 Cent years before his ascendancy to fame.

The rapper from Southside Jamaica appeared on VladTV for an interview, during which he recalled his first encounter with Fif as a rapper. Their relationship occurred shortly after the couple was involved in a drug game in Southside Jamaica.

“The sale went stale / Quarter mil bail / Fresh out the jail / Sh*t is really real / Ni**as knows I ain't never pressed for dough,” Yayo said of the Predictive Felon feud.

Yayo says he first heard the rhyme while meeting some of their mutual friends on the street, and that it was their refuge as soon as the heat dissipated. He claims that he and his group didn't necessarily want to be rap stars at the time.

"It's just people who get interested in it," he says of artists who work within the genre. "I don't believe that...we still were in the streets," he continues. "Music wasn't making me any money at the time."

Tony Yayo grew up alongside 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks during their successful mixtape run in the early 2000s. After his release from prison in 2004, he released his debut and only solo album Thoughts of a Predicate Felon the following year.

Below is a transcript of Tony Yayo's DJ Vlad interview.

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