Jay-Z and Yo Gotti have dropped a lawsuit against Mississippi Prison

Jay-Z and Yo Gotti have dropped a lawsuit against Mississippi Prison ...

The Jay-Z and Yo Gotti lawsuit against the Mississippi State Penitentiary in Parchman, Miss., has been dropped.

In a "stipulation of dismissal" filed in federal court, Team Roc, Roc Nation's social justice organization, has deemed the facility's improved conditions sufficient to dismiss their prison reform lawsuit without prejudice against the prison. However, Team Roc's attorney Jordan Siev stated that they would resume their case if conditions worsened.

"We're pleased with the changes made to date and the improvements in the guys' everyday lives," Siev said. "We're also aware that Parchman has had a long history of disputes, improvements, and then backsliding conditions. We're also not going to take our foot off the gas."

Yo Gotti, 41, released a statement dismissing their lawsuit, but promised that Team Roc would not allow the jail to be let off the hook. Instead, the Memphis rapper stated that they would be attempting to exterminate other evils from the institute.

"We're delighted that Parchman has begun to address the harsh and inhumane conditions in prison since the Department of Justice's investigation," Gotti, who plays Mario Mims, said. "The Mississippi Department of Corrections has neglected these harsh and inhumane living conditions for decades, so we will continue to hold them accountable and ensure that they commit to protecting their incarcerated population."

Siev and other legal representatives were given access to see the upgrades inside the prison as part of a settlement to waive the lawsuit. Siev and his crew stated that they will share the recorded footage with the Justice Department as soon as possible.

A worn out van is replaced with two functioning ambulances at Parchman's medical facility. The facility also has new showers, toilets, sinks, upgraded heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and new plumbing systems.

The State Prison claims to have replaced broken tiles in the mess hall, removed mold, and expanded kitchen facilities.

Team Roc filed a lawsuit on behalf of 200 prisoners at Parchman's prison in 2020.

In a "permanent state of systemic failure," the living conditions for the prisoners were allegedly horrendous. Cockroaches, rat feces, bird droppings contaminating their meals, shattered lights, broken toilets, and faulty showers were all reported at the Mississippi prison.

Conditions were so severe that the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division decided to investigate Mississippi's prison system. Several unjustified deaths and unexplained prison lockdowns triggered protests outside the Mississippi Capitol, according to the Associated Press.

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