Eve L. Ewing is the first black woman to direct the Black Panther comic series

Eve L. Ewing is the first black woman to direct the Black Panther comic series ...

Even in the comic book space, black history will continue to be created in 2023.

Eve L. Ewing, a Chicago author, scholar, and organizer, has been hired by Marvel Comics to be the first Black woman to write a Black Panther comic under the titular series.

Shine My Crown reports that "the watershed moment comes less than 30 years after Black writers were prohibited from directorial roles in the original comic."

Black Panther, the super hero from the Fantastic Four comics, made his debut in 1966 as part of the 52nd issue. The character, originally named "Coal Tiger," was created by Jack Kirby and the issue was edited by Stan Lee. Now the hero will have his next storyline from a Black woman.

The "Ironheart" penciler discussed the historic Marvel opportunity and how she intends to "not reboot, but build" on the Wakanda world, "in continuity."

"I've been thinking about it less in terms of those qualifying essays, because the Wakandan space is an arena where there have been several Black women writers, from Yona Harvey to Roxane Gay to Nnedi Okorafor," and also because I'm so excited that some amazing Black women, Black non-binary writers, and just dope people of color, have joined Marvel even since I wrote 'Ironheart' in 2018.

"I'm rather ecstatic when I get the chance to write such a famous character."

The focus point will be to explore T'Challa's story and reveal a side of the powerful Wakandans "as you've never seen them."

"You can expect some unexpected visitors from different corners of the Marvel Universe," she said. "Virtually everything in this arc will be about T'Challa and Wakanda, as you've never seen them before. New friends, new foes, but all with the intention of doing some world-building in Wakanda and enriching the nation in what I believe to be some pretty cool new ways."

The next Marvel Comics series in the Black Panther franchise is expected to be released this June, with Ewing's opinion arc as "noir."

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