Narvik's Ending Explained How Does Gunnar Reconnect With His Wife?

Narvik's Ending Explained How Does Gunnar Reconnect With His Wife? ...

Narvik, a Netflix film, will come to an end, and there will be spoilers and important plot points.

Narvik is a story set in a coastal town in Norway that has one of the world's finest iron ore deposits. The German Colonel then returns to his wife Ingrid (Kristine Hartgen) and their little son Ole (Christoph Gelfert Mathiesen) for a bit of rest.

Gunnar and his remaining soldiers are ordered straight out of town because they refused to give up their weapons, in order to prepare for their next mission to blow up the precious metal bridge that takes them out of town. She even helps the English diplomats, who were there the day before, escape.

Narvik's conclusion is explained.

When Gunnar's father takes Ingrid and Ole out of town, the germans stop the train and kick the passengers off. They pass through a tunnel on the top of the bridge, and Gunnar and the Major arrive. That's when the German troops show up, and Gunnar is captured by the enemy.

Gunnar's father is murdered, and Ole has shrapnel near his lung for four weeks. Ingrid works for the Germans at the hotel. She steals maps from Fritz's office and sends them to the English, who then bomb the town and her house.

The Major releases his pistol and launches it in the air to stop joint Norwegian and French troops from retreating. The Norwegian troops storm the Narvik beaches, killing five machine gun nests and a cannon, but Fritz refuses to take them back to Berlin.

Gunnar returns to his wife, and the town celebrates. However, Gunnar learns something about Ingrid's connection to German officers, and assumes she slept with one. However, she informs her husband it is for their son, but Gunnar still considers his wife a traitor.

Ingrid leaves, packing a bag, and heading for the boat. Gunnar hears a Major saying that the soldiers should protect everything they hold dear. She is pushed and ostracized by her fellow sailors, and Gunnar shows up, no longer in uniform, to assist Ingrid. They board the boat as a family, then embrace.

The Narvik victory was brief-lived. As per the film's ending, British, French, and Polish troops returned home without notifying Norwegian forces, and the town was reclaimed by the Germans a few months later.

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