Narvik Review is a stunningly beautiful war film that is naturally enthralling

Narvik Review is a stunningly beautiful war film that is naturally enthralling ...

Narvik, a Netflix film, has no spoilers or major plot points.

Narvik was Hitler's first victory in his war against the United States. The battle took place in a small town in the Scandinavian region that was blessed with resources to support Germany in their war. It's a story that, at times, can be both entertaining and frustrating.

Review and plot summary of Narvik

The narrative takes place in Narvik, a coastal area in Norway that is a source of one of the world's greatest iron ore deposits. The story follows Hitler as his master race, who wants to expand his ever-growing empire. Corporal Gunnar Tofte (Carl Martin Eggesbo) pays his tribute to his wife Ingrid (Kristine Hartgen) and their little son Ole (Christoph Gelfert Mathiesen) for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Gunnar and his remaining soldiers refuse to surrender their weapons, so they leave the town, led by their commander, Henrik Mestad, who is an excellent translator. Ingrid begins to speak German and helps the English diplomats escape and hide in a mountaintop cabin.

Gunnar and his mates must blow up a bridge that transports the rich ore out of town, and the rumor that Germans kill all POWs. Ingrid must watch Ole, all while keeping a fake smile on her face, to stay on the good side of their new German landlords. If it is not her sworn enemies, they must deceive her.

Narvik is another World War 2 European film that Netflix has stockpiled. Ones like the excellent Danish film The Bombardment and the Dutch film The Forgotten Battle, which features some stunning cinematic scenes from Erik Skjoldbjörg's director, John-Erling Holmenes Fredriksen.

What makes Narvik successful is how the script can demonstrate the ambiguity of the blurred lines for some of the residents in the town. For one, Norway was neutral and had no allegiance to anyone. The script allows the viewer to ask the question what would they do if they hadn't already.

Is Narvik a solid player?

Erik Skjoldbjörg's film is a stunningly beautiful war film that's naturally moving and does an exceptional job of conveying the moral dilemmas. Along with solid performances by Eggesb, Hartin, and the magnetic Henrik Mestad, Narvik is a movie worth seeing.

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