The Best Fire Emblem Engage Weapons

The Best Fire Emblem Engage Weapons ...

During Fire Emblem Engage, you can encounter a lot of weapons, and the ability to go to the Smithy to forge and engrave Emblems on them means that even the most basic Steel or Silver ones can be your finest. These might also have additional features that you may want to acquire and use.

Okay, here's a list of amazing weapons I've found and where I've located them. I've included a few suggestions. However, keep in mind that I only used the "good" items when I needed them.

  • Brionac: Lance that has 1-2 range. You get it from a corrupted in Chapter 22. I like it for Timerra.
  • Caladbolg: Defeat Zephia in Chapter 21 and she’ll drop it. This sword is best in the hands of Diamant.
  • Cinquedea: Get it from the chest on the left in Chapter 25. Don’t leave without it, as you’ll regret passing this legendary 1-2 range dagger by. Then, when you get it, give it to Merrin.
  • Carnwenhan: The only “smash” dagger in the game, and it can also poison a foe. However, you can never strike first when using it. The thief in Chapter 21 near Veyle carries it and it is very easy to miss. It has a range of 1, unlike most daggers, so maybe consider it for Zelkov?
  • Divine Fist: You get this art by hitting level five donations for Brodia. Framme is the only character I ever had attack with fists, so perhaps let her have it?
  • Excalibur: This starts Griss’ trend of dropping great tomes in Chapter 20. This is the best wind tome and is effective against flying. Give it to any mage with A-rank proficiency in tomes.
  • Fensalir: The lance that comes in the Order of Heroes Fire Emblem Heroes free DLC. It inflicts -2 attack on foes near its wielder when a turn begins. Give it to Timerra?
  • Flame Lance: Mauvier brings it with him when he joins in Chapter 21. This has 1-2 range and good crit. Let him keep it.
  • Fragarach: This is the Solm tier 5 donation reward. I had Panette using this axe in my game.
  • Folkvangr: The sword that comes in the Order of Heroes Fire Emblem Heroes free DLC. If the user has less than 50% health when a turn begins, they get Atk +3. I let Goldmary have mine.
  • Georgios: The “smash” sword that can’t strike first or follow-up. Zephia drops it in Chapter 23. Goldmary ended up carrying mine and she used it well!
  • Hurricane Axe: Marni will drop this in Chapter 14. This axe is effective against flying types. I’d say it’s great for either Jade or Rosado, but Rosado used it best in my playthrough.
  • Lendabair: Chapter 24 enemy drop. Give this bow to Alcryst or Fogado.
  • Levin Sword: You get this sword as an enemy drop in Chapter 12. Given this 1-2 range weapon relies on magic, let Celine use it.
  • Nodus Staff: Hit the level 5 donation tier with Elusia. This staff fills every allies’ Engage meter and has one use. Maybe save it for whichever staff-user you bring into the finalbattle in Chapter 26?
  • Noatun: The axe that comes in the Order of Heroes Fire Emblem Heroes free DLC. Its gimmick is that a character gets Mov +1 for a turn if their health is 40% or less. Since Panette’s a berserker whose health should never be at 100%, give it to her maybe?
  • Nova: Fantastic tome dropped by Griss in Chapter 23. It guarantees whoever uses it will attack twice, as long as they initiate combat. Give it to Ivy.
  • Obscurite: Veyle’s unique tome. She brings it with when she joins in Chapter 22. It’s amazing dark magic.
  • Peshkatz: I missed this and had to reload a save and go back, so be careful! In Chapter 20, there’s a Wolf Knight in the area below Griss that carries this poisonous, 1-range dagger. Get it and let Yunaka have it.
  • Ukonvasara: A “smash” axe that doesn’t let you follow-up or strike first. Dropped by an enemy in Chapter 24. Panette and Jade can be good fits for it.
  • Venomous: This lance is the tier 5 donation reward from Firene, and it is a “smash” spear that can poison enemies, but can’t hit first or follow-up. I’d say give it to Louis.
  • Wille Glanz: Divine Dragon Sword for Alear with a 1-2 range. Acquired by defeating Corrupted Lumera in Chapter 25. .
  • Wyrmslayer: Oh, you don’t want to miss this one in the Chapter 14 lefthand chest. It’s effective against dragons. Give it to Diamant and let him go kill every big dragon foe in your way for the rest of the game.

The Nintendo Switch now has Fire Emblem Engage.

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