A video diary entitled Scars Above chronicles the game's artistic branch

A video diary entitled Scars Above chronicles the game's artistic branch ...

Scars Above is the protagonist in a fascinating video diary dedicated to the Madhead Games artistic sector that will be released on February 28 in PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S versions.

As you will recall, we went back to see Scars Above last month and the experience struck us for some weaponsplay mechanics as well as for the alien world that provides the backdrop for the action, which is explained in this video.

Official press release: "The gripping third-person sci-fi action-adventure shooter combines the finest combat elements, a gripping and intricate plot," according to the game's official press release.

The title entitles players to the role of Dr. Kate Ward, an astronaut and scientist who is sent to investigate a massive and mysterious alien structure — the Metahedron — which appears in Earth's orbit.

"Things don't go as planned," says Kate and her crew as they travel through space to a strange and hostile planet. She begins her journey to discover her crew and unravel the mystery behind what happened.

"Players must inspect their surroundings, examine the dangerous exoplanet's alien fauna and flora, then utilize the knowledge learned to fabricate various elemental weapons, gadgets, and consumables."

"They will also have to rely on offensive and tactical devices, exploit monstrous creatures' weaknesses to survive against adversity, all the while attempting to uncover the truth about Kate and her team."

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