In Genshin Impact, a test with Dendro particles with Dendro particles demonstrates how to select a result

In Genshin Impact, a test with Dendro particles with Dendro particles demonstrates how to select a r ...

The Genshin Impact Dendro Particles puzzle in Safha Shatranj is a speed test in the Hadramavet desert, during which it is necessary to collect all of the Dendro particles hidden inside the hidden walls in a short time.

We'll demonstrate how to solve the puzzle and navigate through the transparent labyrinth above Safkhe Shatranj in Genshin Impact to receive a generous reward.

Where can I find Dendro particles in Safkha Shatranj?

On the top of the cliff north of Safkhe Shatranj, northwest of the nearest teleportation point, you'll find the hourglass symbol that triggers the challenge.

In Genshin Impact, how do I solve the Dendro Particle Trial puzzle?

In the experiment, a Schematic Arrangement of Transparent Platforms and Dendro Particulates

A green elemental clot analysis in various sections of a transparent labyrinth takes 100 seconds.

If you wish to go quicker, you can use characters such as Ayaka or Mona. Both girls have to swim in different directions to avoid falling off invisible platforms.

After completing the test, go to the corner of the ruinous structure to collect the first particle, and go upstairs with the help of the four-leafed symbol.

The clot may be picked up by walking forward along the invisible platform, focusing on the location of the particles themselves.

Follow the straight line from which you collected the previous clots until you hit a wall. Turn left from it until you are level with the particle itself, and then go left and pick it up.

Initially, go a little forward on the platform until you have reached the fifth clot. Then courageously walk forward toward him.

Continue walking a bit further along the platform until you see another wall. turn away from her straight up.

Begin by going to the side where the next particles are located before reaching the beginning of the path.

Take away a sixth of them, completing the straight line at the end of the road and wrapping up straight up.

The seventh object is right on the platform, so just follow the platform towards it.

Continue moving forward until the route begins to descend to another level of platforms. Go down the transparent stairs and turn left to the side eighth particles. Further the path is straight, without any obstacles.

Continue moving forward in an easterly direction after collecting the previous clot. At the end of the platform, you may pick up the final one, the ninth subject.

Jump off the invisible platforms as you go down and just fly toward the last particle on the glider from the previous point.

A reward will be presented in the form of a Precious chest after completion of the challenge and collecting all 10 Dendro Particles. It is situated near the start of the run, on the top of the stone ruins.

The award was presented to Peter Lang.

There are three methods of opening the chest:

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