The impact of seven damaged obelisks in the Sands of al-Azif puzzle

The impact of seven damaged obelisks in the Sands of al-Azif puzzle ...

Some players may have noticed seven demolished obelisks in the desert of Genshin Impact while looking for them in the east. The answer to this puzzle may not be obvious, because there are no clues about the correct order of the glowing symbols in the immediate vicinity.

In this section, we will demonstrate how to solve the riddle with the seven crumbling obelisks in the Sands of Al-Azif, as well as demonstrate how to select the correct order of the runes.

Where Can I Find Dilapidated Obelisks in the Sands of Al-Azif?

Seven broken obelisks with a puzzle are found between the Sands of al-Azif and the Steel Dunes, a few kilometers north of Qusayr al-Inhid's teleportation point. The four-leafed symbol enables you to notice and solve the riddle quicker.

In the Genshin Impact, how do I solve the disused obelisk puzzle?

You must choose the correct runes inscription on the obelisks as well as locate clues indicating their order in order to solve this puzzle.

There are directions at three different points near the location of the puzzle that show the correct sequence of glowing symbols.

One of the tree fragments hints at the correct placement of the first two obelisks in the puzzle. Stones are protected by opponents in the form of hilichurls.

The obelisks against places to solve the puzzle have a hint for the central symbols. Be aware that local residents may refuse to drink from an elite desert spring in the sand and a pair of pack yaks.

On the stones north of the previous location, the order of the last two runes may be seen. The hint is located on a hill and is guarded by two hilichurls.

Utilizing the information obtained at the previous points, arrange the runes on the obelisks in the correct order. First thrice hit the first stone and change the rune from forest thicket on Ritual.

Change the colors of all central obelisks to giant snake.

Change the rune from Dunes on the Crocodile's head on the last stone with the symbol.

A reward in the form of a Precious Chest is given when the correct order is restored.


For solving the puzzle, there are five benefits:

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