Logitech G Pro steering wheel is available for a test

Logitech G Pro steering wheel is available for a test ...

This entry was originally published in the M! 351 (December 2022).

MERING • Logitech is launching a new high-end automobile with a powerful 11 Nm torque. This ensures a superb driving experience, particularly in Gran ­Turismo and Assetto Corsa Competizione. It is only with this steering wheel that you can see the engine hum or curbs with finely graded effects.

The G Pro has an optional display to adjust the steering wheel setup. These include power, damping, and filtering as well as the steering angle. On the other hand, the G Pro has no longer included USB ports for pedals or shifters, which are useless since they are only available for an additional 390 euros.

The attractive leather handling is also impressive. On the back, there are two magnetically and thus crisply actuated rocker switches as well as two other rockers with an analog path. These may be used again in the future by Logitech.

The G Pro is a serious competitor to Fanatec's top dog, as it has rich Force Feedback and Trueforce effects that guarantee an authentic driving experience. The main issue is currently the price, which adds up to about 1,500 euros including pedals. The Fanatec DD Pro is similarly equipped, but has significantly less back pressure on the handlebars.

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