Riki's lawyer touched on the reality of the expired licenses

Riki's lawyer touched on the reality of the expired licenses ...

Roman Lukyanov, a lawyer and teacher at Moscow Digital School, said specifically for "Gambling" information that the holding "Ricky," known from "Smeshariki" and "Fixies," would remain without licenses for foreign software. The expert also identified several solutions.

According to Roman, nothing will change in general for the townsfolk, but the business may have issues. The lawyer believes that we can discuss software licenses that are no longer supplied to Russia.

Ricky can also obtain the component of the development that is related to the missing software from an outside studio located in the Russian Federation.

If a business does anything outside the Russian Federation, the reputational and economic risks are too great. As Roman Lukyanov notes, it will most likely be difficult for the studio to do something outside the Russian Federation.

"The company may also change the location of the studio to a neutral location, although in this case, a number of critical issues arise with taxation and other aspects." Also, "Ricky" may wait or contribute to the adoption of modifications to Russian legislation; frankly, a long way.

Other words, there are several strategies for resolving the issue, but is there a completely painless and 100% effective one among them? This is why only the studio has an answer. In any case, we believe and support Ricky and hope that the software issue will be resolved swift and positively.

Roman Lukyanov is a Russian chess player.

Julia Nemchina, the CEO of the Riki group of companies, said that the licenses for the animation programs needed to be renewed this summer. While the equipment is adequate for the next couple of years of stable operation.

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