In the Forspoken: Blessed Wells Map, here's how to unlock unique spells

In the Forspoken: Blessed Wells Map, here's how to unlock unique spells ...

Forspoken's Unique Spells are a special ability that Frey acquires from encountering blessed springs scattered throughout Atia. They are crucial for a more detailed exploration of the map and the combat system: the more unusual the maneuver, the more interesting the encounter with the next adversary.

Next, we'll show you where all blessed sources are in Forspoken. Find out how to obtain unique spells and obtain the secret achievement "Blessing: consecration."

Where Can I Find All of the Forspoken Springs?

Unlike ordinary spells, unique ones are only available when you interact with the source. Next, consider the origin.

During the first chapters of the main storyline, the main character encounters the first "place of power." Follow the quest marker leading to the guild of initiates. You will soon arrive at the source.

After reading the tutorial note, dive into the water. The Frey Magic menu will launch, thus, granting you a new ability.

The achievement "Blessing: Communion" will be obtained by interacting with the first Blessed Spring.

Preinosta's northeast highlands are reached by Anchor, a Magic ability from Sayla's Magic category, and you climb the slopes to the very top, leaning on the ledges.

Run towards the main attraction hidden between the mountain walls, passing the stone columns, soon you'll arrive at the place with a fresh spell.

On the other side of the mountainous region Preinosta, a new "place of power" will be discovered.

This place with springs is considered to be one of the most accessible because it is situated in an open area: it is possible to run past opponents or, rather, fight with them to gain experience.

This time you will have to "do down" to Preinosta, in the area of Atia. Another mountain landscape, mortified by filth, will greet the heroine with open arms.

The source of Frey's power is still alive. The only thing he will have to face are the various obstacles and mini-bosses that stand in his way.

The first source of the new area is located in the region's northern part.

There are no other obstacles to the area, since it is surrounded by flowers and water.

Avoaleta is a western area in Atiya.

The area in question is less affluent compared to other regions, however, the source here isn't blocked off by any obstacles.

Go to Atia's "green" region's southern part.

The main character will have to try again this time: the area where the source is hidden is not only fenced by steep mountain slopes, but it is also surrounded by strong wind currents that block the view.

Calling for assistance with parkour, high jumps, and fast dashes, as you climb up to the flat terrain amid the mountainous layers of the walls, and reach the cave where the spring occurs.

Entrance to a lost temple in Visoria's northwestern region opens a passage to a "Visoria Plateau."

Continue going straight until you reach a disused brick structure. Go beyond the walls, to the clifftop, and descend. Thus, you will be at the lower level of the zone.

The last "place of power" of Vizory is in his southern section.

This one is located in an underground area, which is nevertheless quite easy to get to. At a dead end, it is enough to jump down, plunging into a sort of dungeon, and then go deeper until a magical zone appears.

Juno is the next destination, with several locations that were initially explored in the main story's opening chapters.

Explore the area's northern fringes once you've arrived in the region's central area. The spring is surrounded by trees, the foliage of which attempts to conceal the sacred place.

You will need to explore Atia's last "place of power" in the northwestern part of the "starting" region.

The highest point in the canyon is located. For his sake, you will have to pass through the high castle towers and confront mini-bosses guarding the vast expanses of the grove.

Consecration in Forspoken: Achievement Blessing

The account will be replete with the trophy "Blessing: consecration" when Frey learns all the unique spells. It's a requirement: "Get magical powers from all blessed sources."

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