A WoW Classic executive has resigned from Blizzard, expressing his displeasure at employee appraisals

A WoW Classic executive has resigned from Blizzard, expressing his displeasure at employee appraisal ...

According to Bloomberg, one of the most prominent players in World of Warcraft Classic left Blizzard Entertainment after protesting against the internal employee evaluation system.

Brian Birmingham was a senior software engineer at WoW Classic. He publicly opposed Activision Blizzard King's policy, which requires management to evaluate employees' performance while fulfilling the required quota (developing).

This is a shambles-based system that may pit employees against each other, create a hostile work environment, and privilege a certain number of employees of bonuses – although, according to reports, the real degree of efficiency might not always play a role.

Birmingham reportedly declared that he would no longer want to work for Blizzard if the company continued to adopt a toxic evaluation policy prior to his departure. He himself claims that he would be happy to fight the system from within.

ABK's poor management, according to him, is to blame for the last two WoW expansions ahead of time.

Bloomberg confirms that Activision heads have taken a bigger role in Blizzard's business recently, requiring the organization to cut costs and release games sooner. Birmingham is said to have requested that the process be kept secret.

A spokesperson for Blizzard said the employee appraisal process was intended to foster "performance excellence" and "ensure that employees who fail to deliver on performance expectations receive honest feedback, differentiated compensation, and a performance improvement plan." In addition, the evaluation process includes discussions with several managers, which may increase or decrease the rating.

We also note that Birmingham claims that he did not give Bloomberg access to the letter quoted in the material, but the information provided by there appears to be correct.

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