Dual Sense Edge: Is it the most powerful PS5 controller? Our opinion

Dual Sense Edge: Is it the most powerful PS5 controller? Our opinion ...

Dual Sense Edge: The Ideal PS5 Controller? Our Opinion!

Published on 01/24/2023 at 17:30

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At the BAFTA 2022, the DualSense was voted "Best Controller of all Time." Yes, the 'Edge' model will take the world in a few days. It's basically PlayStation's Xbox Elite Series... What's it worth?

The DualSense Edge controller is reviewed in this video, which is played while you play it.

The DualSense Edge is a lovely baby of some 330g, about fifty more than the basic model... It's more or less three times the price of this old DualSense, which is still one of the best market levers to this day. A precise weight, with super-fine sticks and keys!

(La DualSense Edge, PlayStation)

Experience that's extremely customizable

The Edge is to PlayStation what the Elite Series 2 is to Xbox. It is above all possible to modify the trigger length; change the coating of the sticks; and even re-assign the keys at will (L2 becomes Circle; Square becomes Start); or to change the purpose of the keys in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, for example.

What about the battery in the DualSense Edge?

Sony advertised a "moderately" lower battery capacity than the original DualSense Edge, but that's not all that bad. The basic DualSense lasts between 6 and 8 hours.

(On the left is the menu to customize the keys of the DualSense Edge, while on the right is the menu to customize the sticks)

But for whom is he a "pro" controller?

Despite its shortcomings, the Dual Sense Edge is effective. Pro players will be able to modify their experiences from the ground up, including thanks to two new function buttons that allow quick access to the menu to adjust sticks | buttons, and even change profiles during a game! This is perhaps the price to pay to be sane for years.

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