These are the applications that crash the most on phones!

These are the applications that crash the most on phones! ...

This is because a list of the most popular apps was discovered, which, curiously, is not a beauty without flaws. Or else, since we are in a a saying of sayings, the stain falls on the finest cloth.

These are the apps that cause the most damage to phones!

According to a study by Uswitch, the most unlucky Android and iPhone applications that fail the most are from big corporations like Facebook. They ranked them by the number of failures reported per one million downloads in a given month.

Facebook YouTube Twitter McDonalds Tinder Uber Discord Amazon WhatsApp Instagram Spotify Twitch Telegram Gmail Snapchat

Suddenly looking at the list, we realize that the apps that fail the most are the ones we need the most. Facebook remains the other, although many people don't dismiss it, but today, apps like Uber, WhatsApp, Gmail, or Telegram can be quite frustrating.

It isn't a surprise that Facebook is at the top of the list. Especially when you consider how much battery it consumes and how much memory it occupies. In fact, it accumulates many background tasks, which have an influence on the operating system itself.

YouTube is the second least reliable app, and it's bizarre that there haven't been many issues recently.

Twitter is the undisputed king when it comes to problems, crashes, and crashes per million downloads. It's so insecure on Android or iOS that it had 195 different issues reported per million monthly downloads, the highest of all apps examined.

A survey by this company revealed that there were other trustworthy apps on Android and iOS that were included in the sample. All because it is a fairly demanding application, especially because you must have stable Internet access and that other apps do not interfere with its operation. This is in order to avoid a crisis in the future.

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