Official modder tools for Metro Exodus are now available

Official modder tools for Metro Exodus are now available ...

4A Games Studio, a Ukrainian development studio, has released the modders tools for Metro Exodus's latest effort, and wants to inform his followers about the conditions in which he works while the conflict continues.

The beginning of the conflict on February 24, 2022 was mentioned by 4A Games, and how the studio's life has changed dramatically since, especially since most of its members are from Kiev or reside in Ukraine, except for a few who are from Malta.

In any event, 4A Games has pledged to provide the highest level of assistance to anyone in need, while also expressing its gratitude to the military forces involved in defending the region against the Russians.

4A Games has released the official SDK for the game, which will allow modders to go deeper with their works. It's a pretty powerful tool in hindsight, with a script editor, a tutorial level, and a Metro Exodus sandbox level.

The Exodus SDK is available on all Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store locations.

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