The Player of the Attic explains himself following the feedback on his previous video

The Player of the Attic explains himself following the feedback on his previous video ...

"We didn't want to fall into the free attack," says the Player of the Attic following the feedback on his previous video.

Published on 01/24/2023 at 16:17

To give or to give:

Le Joueur du Grenier has released its Christmas video, after he and his crew considered video games from the Bible, unlike any other.

A Christmas JDG on Bible Games

The Attic Player shared a FAQ video last month. It was an opportunity to reflect on the previous year's work and for the future. And it was on this occasion that Fred and Seb du Grenier announced the Christmas JDG's delay. Despite the fact that the Grenier team only had one month to produce it, the gamble seemed quite risky.

This video with a somewhat unexpected theme disappeared in January. Live on his Twitch channel, Fred returned yesterday to the welcome received by this JDG, which is fantastic. However, the video was not won, especially when you consider the sometimes quite sarcastic humor of the Player of the Attic.

Religion, a sensitive topic, is an issue that needs to be addressed.

It's impossible to please everybody, and that the Player of the Attic knows it well. On this point, he has already made his mea culpa live. And it was also during this same live that a much less well-founded and more mean-spirited criticism came forth, namely "what about Muslim games?"

This is a non-issue for the Attic Player, who obviously has not seen the video, and it is therefore natural that he prefers to ignore their criticisms. The results are therefore more than satisfactory, and we applaud the teams for achieving a final product that isn't offensive to the first time.

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