The SSD resource is melting right before our eyes

The SSD resource is melting right before our eyes ...

The number of complaints about Samsung's flagship 990 Pro SSD has risen rapidly. Despite the fact that the amount of overwritten information on the media was only a few terabytes, the SSD's condition indicator decreased by several percent, indicating the SSD's rapid wear.

The Neowin portal's editor, who himself encountered this issue, wrote a piece on the Samsung 990 Pro, who found that after only two days of use, the wear on the SSD was already 2%, and after a few days, the drive's capacity fell to 94%.

All modern SSDs include SMART technology, which checks various media indicators. These statistics may then be monitored using dedicated monitoring applications such as CrystalDiskInfo. Samsung also has its own SSD monitoring application called Magician.

The Samsung 990 Pro, which has a capacity of 2TB, has a capacity of 1200 TBW, according to studies. The 2TB Samsung 990 Pro should have lost 1% of health after overwriting 12TB of data. The 1TB Samsung 990 Pro, which has 600 TBW, has the potential to overwrite 6TB of information.

The Neowin editor was confronted with the Samsung 990 Pro's rapid wear and tear. Users of the ComputerBase forum reported similar situations at the end of December. In the first case, the 2 TB model lost 7% after overwriting 2 TB of information.

The issue is also being discussed on the Reddit forum, where Samsung 990 Pro owners share their findings. For example, one user alias FCS3 reported that his SSD decreased to 93% after overwriting only 1.6 TB of information. Using the Hard Disk Sentinel monitoring software, the Samsung 990 Pro's resource has decreased to 88%.

The cause for the rapid wear of Samsung 990 Pro drives isn't clear at the moment. It's possible that the SMART scores are simply not being read correctly by the monitoring applications. If the problem is something else, then the rapid wear of these drives may indicate that the manufacturer's rewriting resource (TBW) is lower, and the reason for this is also not clear yet.

By the way, the Neowin editor contacted Samsung technical help, filled out the SSD return form, and returned it to the owner, who then informed them that the SSD was working without errors. Samsung representatives sent the device back to him, and only after the story was published in the press did they send it back to him.

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