Fantastic Beasts 4: The Harry Potter prequel is looking to be bleak

Fantastic Beasts 4: The Harry Potter prequel is looking to be bleak ...

The Harry Potter films were once considered to be the most successful Warner Bros. Studios series. With the Fantastic Beasts series, the studio has tried to breathe new life into the franchise. Unfortunately, this effort has failed to satisfy fans of the Wizarding World. The two final installments of the five-part series will probably no longer be produced.

The history of fantastic beasts goes back.

While Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them were enjoyable and provided a fresh perspective on the Wizarding World, the sequels have dipped significantly in terms of quality. Both Grindelwald's Crimes and Dumbledore's Secrets were disappointing at the box office.

In a recent NME interview, lead actor Eddie Redmayne, who plays Newt Scamander, was asked whether Fantastic Beasts 4 might ever be released. "I mean, right now there's nothing that I know about," the British actor said.

Fantastic Beasts drew viewers' attention.

After the first film, Eddie Redmayne's main character as Newt Scamander was completely marginalized, as did Dumbledore's past liaison with Gellert Grindelwald. In addition, there was an extremely uninteresting plot, which seemed to be limited and interchangeable.

PC games enthusiasts are also a fan.

The Hogwarts Legacy Steam community is against the use of Denuvo's protection software.

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If Harry Potter does not get a decent conclusion, it will certainly be disappointing for many people around the globe. Warner Bros. Discovery, which is directed by David Zaslav, would not be surprised by this decision. Nonetheless, rumors are already circulating about a Harry Potter series and a reboot of the main films.

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